Save Time & Money on Auto Insurance with These 5

Save Time & Money on Auto Insurance with These 5 Tips
Tired of spending too much time or money on auto insurance? Want the peace of mind that youre protected and paying the lowest possible rate? Then, follow these 5 tips to help save time and money on auto insurance.

1. Get quotes from at least two or three different companies. Shopping around pays off! Why not take a few minutes to compare prices and get multiple auto-insurance quotes. Its the quickest and best way to see whats available and find the best deal.

2. Check for discounts. Ask your insurance company if any discounts are offered. You could lower the cost of your auto insurance by having multiple plans with the same company, for example. Or, perhaps you qualify for a student or senior discount.

3. Increase the deductible on your insurance. When you are willing to pay a higher deductible, such as $500 or $1000, then your premiums will be lower. Just be sure to have cash set aside in the event of an accident or claim.

4. Drive safely. Accidents and tickets can cause your premium to skyrocket, so it pays to be a good driver. So, use your blinkers, follow the speed limit, dont drive distracted and always buckle up.

5. Consider bundling. Grouping your auto insurance with your home, renter or life insurance can save you money. Plus, theres the convenience of having all your insurance policies in one place.

The tips provided above are excellent starting points to help you save time and money on auto insurance. But, there are still other steps you can take, such as having a home security system.

A home security system can help reduce your premiums. This is because having security reduces the chance that any belongings someone has in their home may be stolen. Insurance companies want to know that you are taking steps to keep your property safe and the chances of having to make a claim lower. Many also offer discounts on premiums if you take this action, so be sure to ask your insurer.

Another method to help you save on auto insurance is to regularly review your coverage. Do you still need uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage? Or, do you need the same level of comprehensive and collision coverage you had last year? Insurance needs can vary greatly depending on your life circumstances. So, look at your current coverage to see if it still aligns with your needs, as paying for coverage you no longer need is like throwing money away.

You can still save money on auto insurance if your payment frequency isnt flexible. Some insurers may increase rates based on payment frequency. Methods such as money-order, electronic check, and credit card typically have higher costs. Paying by physical check usually has the lowest fees, so if you have the funds available to pay in this method it could be worth your while.

Finally, raise your credit score. Not sure how it helps? Most insurers factor credit score into the cost of insurance premiums. So, if youve had a run of late payments and higher debt-to-income ratio try to work on improving your score. It could have an impact on the cost of your auto insurance.

These are just a few tips to help you save time and money on auto insurance. But, spending a little time researching and asking questions can really make a difference when it comes to finding the best auto insurance policy for you. Why not take the time to shop around and dig deeper into the companies in your area? Then, use these suggestions to make sure you are always getting the best deal.